Every client is important to me and customer service my #1 priority.

I firmly believe that everyone can make changes in their lives and to that end I am here to assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals. We will start with an initial nutrition assessment that requires two consultations and build out a customized plan for follow-up meetings once we determine where you are now, and where you want to be. At a minimum, you should plan on the initial 2 appointment assessment and at least two follow-ups one to two weeks apart. Once you’ve met your nutrition goals, shorter monthly meetings can be sufficient to make sure you stay on track.

Weight Management >>

Weight management services are tailored to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight through lifestyle changes that include diet, exercise, and stress management.


Sports Nutrition >>

Sports nutrition services are designed around your workouts and competitions and will help you reach your performance goals. Utilizing an optimal sports nutrition plan can provide the extra surge you need to be at the top of your game.


Whole-Food, Plant-Based Nutrition>>

Plant based diet services are centered on putting together  balanced meal plans that will ensure you are meeting your nutritional goals. Whether you are already on a plant based diet or are interested in learning about the benefits of a plant based diet, I can provide you with sound, evidence based information that demystifies many of the common misconceptions surrounding diets void or limited in animal products.

Grocery Store Tour>>

Ever wonder how to read a nutrition label or select a healthy substitution for an unhealthy food? Feel pressed for time but want to select foods that will not add pounds to your waistline? Signing up for a 60-75 minute grocery store tour will give you the ammunition you need to sort through much of the false advertising on products and select foods that are both great tasting and nutritious.

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