Grocery Store Tour

Are you frustrated by all the conflicting information on what is healthy and what is not? Would you like to learn about the tricks manufacturers play on consumers through grocerystoreadvertising claims?  Do you know how to read and understand what is on the nutrition facts panels including ingredients that you cannot pronounce? Are you short on time when you shop and need to be able to make sound selections quickly?
If you’ve answered YES to any of the above questions then a grocery store tour is for you!
Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) relaxed its label standards in 2003, food manufacturers have plastered their products with all kinds of health claims. Sunny yellow margarine tubs now purport to “maintain a healthy heart” — because they contain tiny amounts of vitamin E. Drinks formulated to contain added vitamin A, antioxidants and other nutrients claim they support immune function — even though they are loaded with sugar; and cereals boast that their “whole grain” goodness lowers the risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease — even though most contain only a small quantity of whole grains with refined flour making up much of what is the box.
Schedule a 60-75 minute Guided Grocery Shopping Tour and learn how to cut through the hype and make shopping a more enjoyable and understandable process. During the tour you will learn how to:
  • Recognize and decipher deceptive advertising
  • Separate “whole foods” from highly processed foods
  • Discover how to read and understand nutrition facts labels
  • Avoid foods that commonly contain preservatives, imitation flavors, colors, and fillers.
  • Select the freshest products
  • Select foods you haven’t tried before
  • Shop with confidence, reducing the time it takes you to grocery shop
To make sure you don’t forget what you’ve learned I will send you home with valuable information you can refer back to.


Tours are available in groceries located in Fishers and the surrounding area mornings, afternoons, and evenings.  
Every day a person makes over 220 decisions regarding what to eat. When you are ready to make those decisions easier by taking the guesswork out of making healthy selections at the grocery store, contact me to schedule a guided tour. 



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